Chie Defino

Chie Defino – Chie Defino, 25 years old discovered her love for the ocean when she became a mermaid instructor in Boracay Island. During her mermaid career she discovered scuba diving and fell in love with it. She started as a divemaster on a busy dive shop in Bohol Philippines. Ever since then she learned more about the ocean. “I love scuba diving because it brings me closer to the ocean, it gives me the opportunity to get to know a piece of what Earth is consists of, the marine creatures beneath it, the life behind their ecosystem and how we human beings impact them”. She believes that as a diver it is a responsibility to share the knowledge and experience to people and to its community by informing and influencing them on how to love and protect the ocean. “It’s an amazing experience whenever I can show my diver/s a specie and tell a story behind it. Sharing this knowledge through means of photograph and media is also very important for non-divers to open their eyes for ocean.”

Currently, she is the house divemaster of Romblon Pirates and she is very strict with divers damaging the corals. Aside from diving she is also a swimming instructor on her school mitcheline mermaid academy and owner of a guesthouse in Boracay Island, The Hobbit House. Come fun diving with this mermaid in Romblon Pirates and she will take care of you.